The future is created now,
the recipe includes enthusiasm and determination

Have you felt there is something oddly wrong about the digital market?

Why is every social media company is making billions while the ones creating value get likes and subscriptions?

We have a proposal that may turn things around and make money a benefits to digital content-creators while innovating content sharing and online marketing...


It’s a collaboration community made by creators for creators. It is specifically design to benefit those who create value first and foremost.


The Collaboration factor

We promote simple “Rules of Engagement” that allow content creators to share and use other creator’s content. We are convinced that provided a clear set of rules, users and creators will be able to engage and innovate on every aspect from marketing, social media content creation, recognition and .notoriety, while distributing the benefits and revenues of the alliance.

The technology

LIQQUIDO allows all users to have open online access to data files (video, music, photo, illustration, sound effects) to create new content with an online-edit simple and amazing tool.

Collaboration Marketing

Content branding has a new engagement storytelling-tool. The platform permits collaboration for branded content that permits all players to get their fair share on notoriety, recognition and retribution for added value.


The whole site is a dynamic portfolio for creators. LIQQUIDO offers ample license options for all commercial uses, allowing up to 80% margin of revenue. For collaboration created content, the profit is shared proportionally.

The Profile-Hub

Our objective is to provide top value to our creators. Complete profiling of your digital identity is just the beginning (allowing to share up to 11 links of social media, blogs and web), plus personal info. It also will offer DRM (Digital Rights Management) tools for creators, allowing monitoring the content and copyrighted licenses.

Value is allocated where it's created

LIQQUIDO is designed to make the content creator the main protagonist. If you create traffic, you solely benefit from it; if your content is created in collaboration, all share proportionatly. Creators don’t transfer or yield their content’s copyrights; they are the sole proprietor.